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Salem Times-Commoner

Brock his senior year in high school

Salem Times-Commoner

Brock is in the back row, 7th from the left, 6th from the right. Brock got to play twice at the old Busch Stadium before it was torn down and replaced by the new one in 2005-2006. Salem Times-Commoner article.

Brock was Homecoming King in 2004
His girlfriend and date was Mattie

       After graduating from South Central High School in Farina, Illinois, Brock received a scholarship to play baseball at Olney Central College in Olney, Richland County, Illinois.

       After graduation from Olney, Brock attended Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Kentucky. He played on their baseball, having received a sholarship for baseball.


In 2009, Brock graduated from Robert Morris University in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois with a Business Degree.

Brock Adams and then girlfriend, now wife, Loren Matheny
4th July 2012 - Adams Farm

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Brock's Mom and Dad

Brock's Brother Trent

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