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Terri June Frakes Adams
My Sister...

This web page is a birthday present for my dear sister, Terri.

Terri was born the 22nd of April, 1962 in Highland, Madison County, Illinois, on Easter Sunday. She was our family's Easter gift from God. Isn't she a little doll? She is the daughter of Philip Howard and Monna Marilyn "Polly" (Conant) Frakes. She is the granddaughter of William Philip and Beatrice Margaret Julietta (Merten) Frakes of Salem and George William and Grace (Bassett) Conant of Foster Township, all in Marion County, Illinois.

Terri came into our lives when we were living in Edwardsville, Illinois. Her parents both worked for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company and were living in the house that is pictured at the right, the new home they had just built at 411 Grandview, Edwardsville, Illinois. She did not live at this address long though, as her father was transferred to Springfield, Illinois. The capital of Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln."

Terri then lived for nine years in Springfield at 2524 South 6th Street. The house is pictured at the left. She attended Harvard Park Elementary School while in Springfield. Terri's best friend was April Seagle while living in Springfield. April sang at Terri's wedding years later. Terri went through the 3rd grade in Springfield. Then her parents made a move during her fourth grade year.

Moving to Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois, back to the area where Terri's mother grew up, they rented the Edith Nichol's home located a little east of Jones Road on the north side of Kinoka Road. This was a beautiful old country home, pictured at the right. It was built by David Nichols and then lived in by his son, Ankney Nichols, who married Edith Irwin. Edith was a lovely lady who lived to be in her 90's. She had been a best friend of Terri?s great-grandmother, Maggie (McWhirter) Bassett. (Ankney's Aunt Frances Ellen Nichols married Maggie's brother-in-law, Algernon Sidney Bassett.) While living here, Terri attended the Kinmundy-Alma Elementary School in Kinmundy.

Her father built a new house just west of the Nichols place on the southwest corner 40 acres of Kinoka Road and Jones Road. This was known as the Arnold Place. Terri lived the rest of her school years in this new house. She attended Patoka Elementary School, Patoka Junior High and Patoka High School, graduating in 1980.

Terri was very active in school. She was a cheerleader for six years, from the 7th to the 12 grades. She played girl's basketball and girl's volleyball. Terri was class president her freshman, sophomore and Senior years in high school. She was president of student council her senior year. She was Homecoming Queen her senior year. She was voted "Most Athletic of her senior class." She was also voted "Miss Patoka High School" her senior year. And that is just a few of the things she was involved in during school. She graduated from Patoka High School in 1980.

Below is Terri's school's pics from kindergarten thru 12th Grade.

Terri's first job was working for her father at Frakes Lumber Company and Hardware Store at 207 East Fayette in Patoka. In the photo below she is at the grand opening of the store holding the ribbon with others for the ribbon cutting.

Terri began attending Eastern Illinois University, but did not like it and changed to St. Louis Christian College where her boyfriend, Rick, was attending as well as her best friend.

Engagement and Marriage

Terri married her boyfriend, Richard Dale "Rick" Adams at the Patoka Christian Church on Friday, the 24th of July, 1981, Patoka, Marion County, Illinois. She was married by Howard Newlen, minister.

Get To Know Terri...Did You Know???

Favorite Colors: Navy Blue and Red
Favorite Foods: Bread, Chicken
Favorite Comfort Foods: Cheeze-it Crackers or Wheat Thins
Favorite Smells: Magnolia, Lilac and Cinnamon
Favorite Magazines: "Good Housekeeping" and "Prevention"
Favorite Board Games: Monopoly and Tri-bond
Favorite Sounds: Her family sitting in the same room talking
Favorite Fast Food: Subway
Favorite Place to Relax: At home in the recliner
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Brother: Stephen (She only has one brother...LOL)
Would Like To Visit Someday: New England

Happy Birthday Terri! Hugs, Stephen

Web Page Created 22 April 2003 for Terri's 41st birthday.


Rick and Terri Adams
Terri and Rick Adams

Philip and Monna Conant Frakes
Terri's parents

Trent Maurice Adams
Terri and Rick's oldest son

Brock Richard Adams
Terri and Rick's youngest son

The Adams Family of Patoka
Rick's ancestors who settled in Patoka, Marion County, Illinois.

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