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Tanya Rae (Frakes)(Courtright) Belfiore

    Salem - Tanya Rae (FRAKES)(COURTRIGHT) BELFIORE, 54, of Salem, died Saturday, January 23, 2010, Doctor's Nursing Home, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    Tanya was born July 7, 1955, Highland, Madison County, Illinois, daughter of Philip Howard and Monna Marilyn (CONANT) FRAKES. She married Roddy Alan Courtright in 1973 in Kinmundy. They divorced. She married David Joseph Belfiore in 1983 in Salem. They divorced. Both survive.
    Tanya spent most of her youth and school years in Springfield, Illinois. Her favorite past time was to dance. She had a soft place in her heart for animals and always loved her pets. If Tanya ever saw someone in need, and she was able to help, she would be there for them.
    She is survived by her mother of Salem; sons, Nathan R. COURTRIGHT and wife Angie (Albert) of Salem; David P. A. BELFIORE and wife Samantha (Daniels); and Daniel W. E. BELFIORE of Centralia; grandchildren, Madison J. COURTRIGHT and Wyatt R. W. BELFIORE, step-granddaughter Jillian R. RILEY; brother, Stephen P. H. FRAKES of Salem; and sister, Terri J. (FRAKES) ADAMS and husband Rick of Patoka; and nephews, Trent M. ADAMS of Breese; and Brock R. ADAMS of Patoka.
    She was preceded in death by her father; and grandparents, William Philip and Beatrice M. J. (MERTEN) FRAKES; and George William and Grace (BASSETT) CONANT.
    Cremation was chosen with burial in Sandy Branch Cemetery in Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois. Memorial Services will be held Thursday, January 28th, at Grace Church of the Nazarene in Salem. Memorials may be made to Sandy Branch Cemetery. Rogers-Atkins Funeral Home in Salem is in charge of arrangements. Memorials may be made to the Sandy Branch Cemetery.

The Farina News
Thursday, 28 January 2010
Page 2
Farina, Fayette County, Illinois

Tanya Rae (Frakes)(Courtright) Belfiore
Orlando, Orange County, Florida
Salem, Marion County, Illinois

Tanya Rae FRAKES, born 7 Jul 1955, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Highland, Madison County, Illinois, daughter of Philip Howard and Monna Marilyn (CONANT) FRAKES. She is blonde with blue eyes. Tanya died 23 Jan 2010, Doctor's Rehibilitation and Nursing Home, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. Cremation was chosen. Grave stone set in Sandy Branch Cemetery, Foster Township, Marion County, Illinois.
    Tanya married 1st Roddy Alan COURTRIGHT, 23 Jan 1973, United Methodist Church, Kinmundy, Marion County, Illinois, by Leo Mabry, pastor. Her maid of honor was Nena PRUDEN, Tanya's second cousin, daughter of Rosemary CONANT. The best man was Gerald EADS. Roddy was born 11 Mar 1955, Louisville, Clay County, Illinois, son of Arthur Rude and Murel Marie (MOORE) COURTRIGHT. The Courtright family came from Holland, the town of Leerdam. The name was originally spelled Van KORTYK when they came to America in 1663. Before living in Holland, the family had lived in Belgium and before that Spain. Tanya and Roddy divorced in December of 1980.
    Photo of Roddy and Tanya before they married.
    Tanya married 2nd David Joseph BELFIORE, 27 November 1983 at the home of her parents at 321 South Franklin, Salem, Marion County, Illinois, by Mr. Harold Smith, pastor of the Worldwide Church of God in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Terri J. (FRAKES) ADAMS, sister of Tanya, was matron of honor. Stephen P. H. FRAKES, brother of Tanya, was the best man. David was born 13 Feb 1958, Denver, Colorado, son of David, Jr. & Doris Elaine (BURGESS) BELFIORE. Doris's mother was Beulah Marie RASMUSSEN, daughter of immigrants from Denmark. Tanya and David divorced.
    Tanya received her education at two grade schools in Edwardsville, Illinois, and Harvard Park in Springfield, Illinois. She went to Jefferson Junior High School and Southeast High School in Springfield and Kinmundy-Alma High School in Kinmundy, Illinois.
    Roddy was a 1973 graduate of North Clay Community High School in Louisville, Illinois. Tanya and Roddy first moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, but soon moved back to Salem, Marion County, Illinois. Roddy became employed at Rockwell International in Centralia.
    Roddy joined the United States Navy. He enlisted 22 January 1975. He received his basic training in the Great Lakes, Chicago, Illinois. With the high scores on his test, he was admitted to the medical field of the navy and sent to Orlando, Florida. He received the good conduct award and was honorably discharged 22 Jan 1979.
    Tanya and Nathan lived for some time with Roddy in Florida, but later she seperated and moved back to Illinois to her parents. Because of the divorce that was coming, she knew it would be better for her son if she had her parents become legal guardians of him, of which they did in 1979.
    After Tanya and David married (they had met in Denver) they moved to Michigan. They later moved to Orlando, Florida, where David was doing very well in the carpentery business. Tanya and David moved back to Salem, Illinois in December, 1988.
    Tanya lived alone for 10 years in Merten Cottage at 334 South Castle in Salem. The home her father was born in.
    In 2007, Tanya lived in Lincoln Apartmens on Lincoln in Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    In 2009, Tanya was living in Salem Mobile Home Park.
    On Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010, Tanya was found in a coma from an accidental medication overdose. She remained in St. Mary's - Good Samaritan's Hospital in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois for a couple weeks. She was then taken to Doctor's Rehibilitation and Nursing Home, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. She never came out of the coma.

Son of Roddy Alan and Tanya Rae (FRAKES) COURTRIGHT:

1. Nathan Roddy Alan COURTRIGHT, born 11 Dec 1973, St. Mary’s Hospital, Centralia Marion County, Illinois.
    Nate married Angela Jaye "Angie" (ALBERT) RILEY.
    (See #1 following)

Sons of David Joseph and Tanya Rae (FRAKES)(COURTRIGHT) BELFIORE:

2. David Philip Anthony BELFIORE, born 18 Oct 1985, Orlando, Orange County, Florida.
    David married Samantha Jean DANIELS.
    (See #2 following)

3. Daniel William Eli BELFIORE, born 3 Feb 1992, 10:41 p.m., St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois.
    Daniel married Erica Amber-lynn CASNER.
    (See #3 following)

Nathan Roddy Courtright

Tonti Township, Marion County, Illinois
Rural Salem, Illinois

Nathan Roddy "Nate" Courtright, born 11 Dec 1973, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois, son of Roddy Alan and Tanya Rae (FRAKES) COURTRIGHT. Nathan is blond and blue eyed, like his mother.
    Nathan married Angela Jaye "Angie" (ALBERT) RILEY Sep 1999, Grace Nazarene Church, Salem, Illinois. Angie was born 18 Mar 1972, Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, daughter of David Alan and Rebecca Ann (LINDER) ALBERT.
    Nathan was raised by his grandparents, Philip and Monna (CONANT) FRAKES.
    In 1992, Nathan graduated from Salem Community High School.
    In 1992, Nathan joined the United States Marine Corp. He spent two tours in Okinawa and he fought in the Somalian Conflict in Africa in 1995, while getting the United Nations troops out. He was honorably discharged in 1996.
    Nathan attended Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois for one semester. He then returned to Salem and began working at North American Lighting while attending Kaskaskia College. Nathan and Angie both attended Kaskaskia College and then finished their classes with Eastern Illinois University to get their Bachelors Degree. Nathan has his in Law Enforcement.
    In 2000, Nathan and Angie purchased a home on the 100 block of South Castle, Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    In 2004, Nathan and Angie received their bachelors degree from Eastern Illinois University.
    In 2005, Nathan works at the Vandalia Correctional Facility, where he has been working for over three years.
    In 2006, Angie received her Master's Degree in education.
    In 2006, Angie began teaching at Rome School in Dix, Jefferson County, Illinois.
    In 2008, Nate and Angie moved into their new home in Tonti Township, Marion County, Illinois. They have 10 acres of woodland with their house.

Daughter of Angela Jaye (ALBERT) RILEY and Step-daughter of Nathan Roddy Alan COURTRIGHT:

1-1. Jillian Rebecca “Jill” RILEY, born 21 Sep 1992, Beaufort, South Carolina.

Daughter of Nathan Roddy Alan and Angela Jaye (ALBERT) (RILEY) COURTRIGHT:

1-2. Madison Jaye COURTRIGHT, born 29 Mar 2002, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois.

David Philip Anthony Belfiore

Salem, Marion County, Illinois

David Philip Anthony BELFIORE, born 18 Oct 1985, 4:20 a.m., Orlando, Orange County, Florida, 6 lbs and 14 ozs, son of David Joseph and Tanya Rae (FRAKES)(COURTRIGHT) BELFIORE. He is blonde and blue eyed also. He was named Philip after his grandfather Philip FRAKES. Anthony after his father’s twin brother.
    David Philip married 1st Samantha Jean DANIELS 14 March 2009, Grace Church of the Nazarene, Salem, Marion County, Illinois. They later divorced. Samantha was born 17 Aug 1990, daughter of Rodney "Rod" and Barbara "Barb" (HIRSCH) DANIELS. Rod is the son of William C. "Bill" and Winnifred "Winni" (WEAVER) DANIELS. Barb is the daughter of Richard and Pansy "Pat" (WILKINS) HIRSCH.
    David Philip married 2nd Andrea MORLAN 19 Oct 2013, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. She was born 23 Jan 1991.
    On 13 Dec 1989, David Philip was removed from the care of his parents and put in the care of his grandparents, Philip and Monna FRAKES, by a court order.
    Throughout the following years, David Philip lived with his the FRAKES, his aunt and uncle, Rick and Terri (FRAKES) ADAMS; and later with his Grandmother Doris in Michigan.
    In Nov 1999, David went to live with William "Billy" "Bill" WANTLAND, friend of the family, in Salem.
    In high school, David Philip was in choir and was also in two plays, Fiddler on the Roof; and Oklahoma, which he had a lead part in. David Philip was a king candidate for his senior prom. His best friend, David MARCUM won. David Philip was also on the bowling team. Billy is the son of William "Bill" and Deloris "Dee" (DECKER) WANTLAND.
    On 15 May 2005, David Philip graduated from Salem Community High School in Salem, Marion County, Illinois.
    In 2005, David Philip went to Ft. Benning, Georgia for basic training. He had been serving in the Illinois National Guard since he turned 18, later enlisting into the United States Army.
    In 2006 David Philip was stationed in Germany, then served a tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq, where he escorts dignataires around Iraq.
    In 2007 David Philip is once again stationed in Heidleberg, Germany.
    In Jan 2008, David Philip returned to the United States and began officer training school in Ft. Benning, Georgia.
    In 2010, David Philip and Samantha are living in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. David Philip's brother, Daniel, is living with them.

Son of David Philip Anthony and Samantha Jean (DANIELS) BELFIORE:

2-1. Wyatt Rodney William BELFIORE, born 17 Dec 2009, Breese, Clinton County, Illinois. He was born at 5:10 p.m., weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces and was 22 1/2 inches long.

Daniel William Eli Belfiore

Centralia, Marion County, Illinois

Daniel William Eli BELFIORE, born 3 Feb 1992, 10:41 p.m., St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois, son of David Joseph and Tanya Rae (FRAKES)(COURTRIGHT) BELFIORE. He has very light brown hair. His name William is after his great-grandfather’s Frakes and Conant. His name Eli is after his great uncle, Lyle Eli CONANT, who was named after his grandfather, Eli CONANT.
    Daniel married Erica Amber-lynn CASNER 6 Mar 2013, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois, by Kellie THOMPSON. Erica was born 1995, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois, daughter of Terry L. GARREN and NIKKI CASNER.
    In 2005, Daniel was living with his father in Caseyville, St. Clair County, Illinois.
    In 2008, Daniel lived in Caseyville, Illinois with his father. He was attending Collinsville High School.
    In 2009, Daniel went to live with his brother, David Philip, in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois and is attnending Centralia High School.
    In 2013, Daniel and Erica were living in Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.
    In 2013, Erica graduated from Centralia High School, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois.

Daughter of Daniel William Eli and Erica Amber-lynn (CASNER) BELFIORE:

2-1. Ryleigh Rae BELFIORE, born 6 Dec 2013, Centralia, Marion County, Illinois. 7 pounds and 11 ounces. 20 1/2 inches long. Born at St. Mary's - Good Samaritan Hospital.

    Daniel and Ryleigh Rae
    Grandma Monna Frakes and Ryleigh Rae


David Philip Anthony Belfiore
Tanya's 2nd son.

Philip and Monna Conant Frakes
Tanya's parents

Sandy Branch Cemetery

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